Your Relationships – In Balance

Here we are not just talking about romantic relationships, but all of our relationships, family, friends and lovers! To live in harmony with others, we have to have balance of openness and understanding within our selves first!

We can love someone with all of our heart, but if there is no reciprocal balance of openly giving and receiving, it will never be in harmony.

Our Reflections.

We attract people who match us, whether that is a love relationship, or friends, they will mirror us, which is why we come together in the first place! When we first meet, we are happy to find someone with the same ideas and similar goals, and we tend to stick like glue for a while.

Then we may start to see things within this person that we don’t like, but these are also elements of ourselves, it is interesting to study the people close to us with these facts in mind. What you love about them, are qualities that either you have, or would like to have within your self, what you don’t like, is usually what you don’t like, or hide within your self. (hard fact to swallow).

So you see, for us to have a wonderful blissful relationship, first we must become real about ourselves, because if we struggle with certain things, then we will attract someone with the same problems, but if we accept our self, we will then accept others.

Romantic Relationships Are Tough.

Unfortunately we don’t choose who we fall in love with, it would be a lot easier if we could get some sort of forecast or prediction, right? But once we are in love, then we would not listen anyway! As the Saying goes – “love is blind!”

We should take notice of the first signs that hit the bottom of the stomach with a thud, we usually end up saying ‘I knew that all along’!

For any relationship to work, both parties have to be open and willing from the heart, not just when we feel like it, or when we can put in some sort of effort in to saying the right words, but always. True love feelings, whether they be for a family member, friend or a lover, is when you feel emotion, and when you project this emotion to them, they are able receive it, because they are equally connected to you! Emotion simply means, energy in motion!

Open Heart.

Most of us have experienced this at some point. When we meet someone new, and we are besotted with each other, nothing else matters, and we are in tune with each other. Unfortunately that intimacy, and heart-felt love seems to get swept away somewhere, it is not because it has died, but life gets in the way and we forget to feel!

If we have a great feeling and want to share it, but our partner or friend does not receive it because of a barrier they have, they are not open, they are closed to us and our feelings! Now we reel backwards, and our feelings are rejected! It will never work! A relationship must feel alive in your heart, you must be able to feel each other! Without this deep connection, it’s like a sad agreement you have both made, just to share space!

Work On You!

Learn to become the real you, get to know who you really are. Be willing to open your heart and be real with your feelings, then you will attract to you, people with the same qualities. Your family and friends will be affected by your new open lightness, and they will either grow too, or they will move away for a while, but your growth will trigger them to acknowledge things within themselves, share your growth and understanding where you can.